Fundraising Initiatives

Through previous fundraising and the support of generous benefactors, the club now have the seed capital to undertake this exciting development.

The overall cost of the development will be funded by a combination of the following sources, many of which will be dependent on the ongoing support of our members, the wider GAA community and local community, including local businesses. As can be seen from the overall plan, there will be an element of fundraising spreading the development out into four phases to make it more achievable.

1. Loan Funding

2. Grants

3. Private/Corporate

4. Fundraising Initiatives

Funding SourceTarget
Loan Funding€200k
Fundraising Initiatives€200k

A project team has been established which is charged with the overseeing of fundraising and the implementation of this development. The team includes people with specific experience in finance, fundraising and project management which will be vital to the completion of the project.

The team includes: