Building Bellefield Patron Wall

At the recent launch of Building Bellefield on Tuesday 29th November it was announced that as part of our fundraising initiatives to help deliver this exciting development project for Bellefield, the club would be creating a Patron (Supporter) Wall where individuals who wanted to show their support for our exciting development could be recognised.

As communicated, the Patron Wall is planned to be housed in the foyer of the clubhouse and will be visible to all that enter the clubhouse when erected in 2023. It is planned to be 12 foot wide and 6 foot tall so very noticeable to all that will pass through the clubhouse. We are really excited about this opportunity for individuals to show their support and we are inundated with requests for spaces with the wall being populated at a much greater speed than we had imagined. The cost of a place on the wall is €250 as a once off payment by cheque, cash or EFT or by standing order of €21 per month for 12 months commencing in January 2023 with final payment in December 2023.    

Open to Business and Individuals

There may be the potential for the club to claim back tax in 2024 on individual patrons that pay PAYE in 2023, provided the individual provides permission (this will be sought in 2024) and the individual donation exceeds the €250 threshold in the calender year 2023. We are in the process of seeking approval to claim tax relief from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. As such it is important that we conclude the “individual” Patron Wall expression of interest by receiving the Standing Order forms that were obtained by interested individuals at the Launch Night back to any member of the Finance Development Committee by December 31st 2022. Standing Order forms are also available from any member of the Finance Development Committee in the coming weeks and completion is very simple.

It is our expectation that the Patron Wall will be fully subscribed by individuals/families by December 31st so please ensure you don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to associate yourself with our exciting development. As communicated at the launch event one may wish to put their own individual name, their family name or perhaps a deceased family member’s name on the wall. Some examples as follows;

e.g. –  Smith Family, Bellfield Road
e.g. –  ABC Ltd  
e.g. – Murphy, John & Mary
e.g. – Family of the late John Doe

We are overwhelmed with the positive expressions of interest in supporting Building Bellefield since our launch event from businesses and individuals alike. We are also really pleased with the strong interest in our Patron Wall by individuals/families who see this as an affordable way of supporting our club development. If you are interested in supporting our Patron Wall fundraising initiative, please either return the Standing Order form you took home on the launch night to any member of the Financial Development Committee or request a form from any member of that committee and return before December 31st.


On behalf of the Finance Development Committee of Building Bellefield


Jim Byrne  085 8503497

Dee Kehoe  086 0452668

Garret Kavanagh 087 2809413

Mick Donohoe 087 6116961

Padraig Hall 087 2600376

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